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Visited country of Morocco

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Arabian Windows

What is ‘window’? According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, a definition of window is: “an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is usually closed by casements or sashes containing transparent material (as glass) and capable of being… Read More

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Full Swing

Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech, Morroco

The famous open Souq in Marrakech: Djemaa el Fna, in full swing during the sunset. The photograph was taken from Argana Cafe shop, where people has to order your tea or coffee before you can enjoy the scenary

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Shopping Time

Kiosks at Jemaa El Fna

I was a bit intrigue on slow shutter photography at this time, thus I can not resist to take this picture with the street light and ghost looking moving people. So here it is the picture I took in Marrakesh.