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Visited country of Morocco

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Arabian Windows

What is ‘window’? According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, a definition of window is: “an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is usually closed by casements or sashes containing transparent material (as glass) and capable of being… Read More

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Looking back at 2012, I had rather routine expat life in Qatar, has no plan to move on yet; however, I managed to enjoyed a few holidays abroad, including Morocco, as the first country in Africa I’ve visited, as well as a fantastic holiday in my home country, Bali. Blogging wise, not very promising, I did not manage to blog continuously.


11-02: What a Joke


08-03: Home Coming Holiday


06-30: Wedding at the Barn

06-29: Is Blogging a Full Time Job?

06-23: Shopping Time

06-03: London in a Day – gallery

06-01: a day in London


05-18: Media Sosial, Perlukah?

05-11: Packing List

05-06: Colourfull Marrakesh – gallery

05-04: The Fantazia Show


04-27: Berber Living

04-20: Morrocan Landscape

04-13: The King Hassan II Mosque

04-03: Rick’s Cafe


03-30: Inside Fes el Bali – gallery

03-23: Going to Medina at Fes

03-16: Rabat the Capita of Morocco

03-11: Corniche in the Morning – gallery

03-09 Casablanca

03-02: Moroccan Holiday

03-02: The Atlas Medina Hotel in Marrakesh


02-22: Where about in Bali

02-11: Bali as I know it


01-27: Qatar Motor Show 2012 – gallery

01-14: Sydney Harbour Bridge


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Colourful Marrakesh

Ever so colorful, Marrakesh is full of art, handicrafts, colour and everything. Here are a glimpse of photography that I manage to take during my visit to Morocco and Marrakesh

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The Fantazia Show

Part of the imperial City tour program for Morocco which was promoted by our guide was the Fantazia Show, he said we could watch the famous Belly dancing and a lot of other traditional performances, while enjoying our traditional Moroccan dinner. The truth is, yes,… Read More

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Berber Living

I heard the name Berber from an Algerian friend, as she said the Berber people was very European looking instead of North African/Arab looking, I was wondering who they were and how they looked.   As I visited Morocco in February, the word Berber popped… Read More

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Moroccan Landscape

All the time my image of Africa was desert like, Morocco was not an exception. That image was still with me when I browsed the internet looking for a Tour Agent that could take Keith and I to Morocco. Their pictures uploaded were almost always… Read More

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Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe was made famous in the legendary movie, Casablanca. The movie was set in this particular cafe. I thought Rick was a myth made famous in the movie. however, my other half insisted to go to Rick’s Cafe, “There must be a Rick’s Cafe… Read More