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Visited country of Morocco

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Koutoubia Mosque

The Minaret

The Minaret of Koutoubia Mosque, is pink colour of Gueliz stone, stands above the city as high as 70m; or it’s equal to 5 times its width.

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Colourful Marrakesh

Ever so colorful, Marrakesh is full of art, handicrafts, colour and everything. Here are a glimpse of photography that I manage to take during my visit to Morocco and Marrakesh

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The Fantazia Show

Part of the imperial City tour program for Morocco which was promoted by our guide was the Fantazia Show, he said we could watch the famous Belly dancing and a lot of other traditional performances, while enjoying our traditional Moroccan dinner. The truth is, yes,… Read More

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Berber Living

I heard the name Berber from an Algerian friend, as she said the Berber people was very European looking instead of North African/Arab looking, I was wondering who they were and how they looked.   As I visited Morocco in February, the word Berber popped… Read More

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Moroccan Landscape

All the time my image of Africa was desert like, Morocco was not an exception. That image was still with me when I browsed the internet looking for a Tour Agent that could take Keith and I to Morocco. Their pictures uploaded were almost always… Read More

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The King Hassan II Mosque

King Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco and claims to be the 2nd largest in the world;  it is only behind the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Designed with Moorish influences by French architect Michel Pinseau, the construction began in July 1986 on… Read More

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Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe was made famous in the legendary movie, Casablanca. The movie was set in this particular cafe. I thought Rick was a myth made famous in the movie. however, my other half insisted to go to Rick’s Cafe, “There must be a Rick’s Cafe… Read More

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Inside Fes el Bali

20120228-MOROCCO-052Traveling with a guided tour may not always be convenient, as time wise you are restricted and you are isolated. Or at least that was what I feeling before I visited Morocco. But I can not complain, as this way we saw a lot in a limited time. To visit Fès, one needs to be a traveler to feel the real atmosphere; and here I am, a tourist on a one day visit to the Medina of Fes, which is not enough.
Anyway, here we are, with our tour guide who took us to many interesting places in Fes, and ended up being a bit confused and overwhelmed; he introduced us to so many names and places. Yes, I took a lot of pictures and now, here I am stuck with the pictures, and don’t really know where the location of the pictures are.   Normally, I’ve got my add-on GPS on my camera, but during this holiday, it’s just not working!

Thus the pictures here are supposed to tell me what I’ve seen in the Fes’ Medina as we walk through it.  The people, the stuff they make and sell; the colourful Medina Fes al Bali and all the things that I can find and interested me when we did the ‘city walk’ in and out of the medina.   Can anybody tell me where these were taken in the Medina?

Pictures maybe not so good, as almost everything happens in a view seconds before people get in the way and block the view, things move very quickly and maybe the ambiance was a bit too dark.

More picture on my Facebook Page

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