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Travel Photos

I was asked to upload my travel photos memory a view weeks ago; That made me wonder, what is travel photos? or what is Travel Photography? And what is my Travel Photos Memory?… Well, this is my interpretation, check it out!

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Blogging dilemma

Lebih dari enam bulan saya pindah ke UK atau Inggris Raya dan saya cuma beberapa kali saya mengunduh cerita saya di blog ini, padahal saya sudah 10 tahun melakukan hobi ini di sela-sela kesibukan bekerja di kantor sehari-hari. Anehnya segera setelah saya berhenti bekerja, saya… Read More

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While the WordPress team are busy encouraging us to write/post more with either words or photos, I am having the ‘glitch’ of the year. I didn’t manage to post anything for the past month, I am having a pause from the blogging season.  I’ll be… Read More

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Introducing New Photo Web

If you noticed lately… that is for those who follow me closely, I just changed the watermark on my pictures from © Nin’s Travelog to ©2013 | NIN’S LENSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY, that is because I am changing my brand. Yes, I will still blog on Nin’s… Read More

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What is Versetile?

When I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, I was taken aback, I did’t know what to do. Yes, I was very thrilled and honoured to be nominated, but then what should I do next? As a long term blogger, that is after 8… Read More

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2012 in review

OK, I must admit that I was not very diligent in posting and updating my blog. That is why it reflect on the statistic of this blog; not many posts and not as impressive as other blogs that made it to FRESHLY PRESS. However, even though I… Read More

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Is Blogging a Full Time Job?

Originally I started blogging as a journal, and a way of telling people I left behind of my adventure as an Indonesian expat living in Arabia. Mainly it was for my Dad, who loved to hear/read about me and for my friends and other relatives… Read More

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Media Sosial, perlukah?

Banyak komentar yang dilakukan orang terhadap mereka yang keranjingan sosial networking, terlepas dari itu sekedar memiliki profile Facebook , lalu Twitter atau bahkan blog yang lebih sulit dari Facebook. Pertanyaannya adalah: ‘apa perlu?’ terutama untuk mereka yang sudah setengah baya seperti saya ini. Jangan lupa,… Read More