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Every trip is different, and almost every time I need to do research on the new destination. Regardless where I am going I will always need special preparation; such as packing, travel-gear, visa, etc, these are the posts on those travel “pain”, what I need to know before I get into the airport or other transportation terminal and go.

And then there’s this visa issue that keep on bothering me: When you come from a developing country, you need a visa to enter other country, especially the western world. These are my experience and advise dealing with visa

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Travel Photos

I was asked to upload my travel photos memory a view weeks ago; That made me wonder, what is travel photos? or what is Travel Photography? And what is my Travel Photos Memory?… Well, this is my interpretation, check it out!

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England as Part of UK

Knearsborough at golden hour

Knearsborough at golden hour


Having married a Brit, but living in the Middle East for 10 years (which seems like forever…), many people ask me if I have been to UK. To many who are ignorant and maybe have never been abroad or less exposed to the ‘outside’ world, or don’t understand geography, whenever they ask my husband where he is from or what was his origin, normally he would answer: “I am British!” and surprisingly the reply from that person would be “….Aah, you are from London….”

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5 Star Traveller?

In a year and a bit we are going to retire and the plan is to be a permanent traveler, for a couple of years before we finally settle down. The question now is as a permanent traveler, what type of travel do we want.… Read More

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The Golden Triangle of India

India has many regions and generally you can describe the Indian Regions as East India, North India, North East India, South India and West India, yet these regions, each of them are still very big regions. To the locals, these regions are divided into different… Read More

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Why Yemen?

As a student of architecture, I’ve been interested in Yemen architecture for a long time.  However, Yemen has never been a popular tourist destination; as a matter of fact, for years now many travel websites such as Lonely Planet or Wikitravel posted a travel warning… Read More

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Applying for Schengen Visa

As a person who has caught the travel bug, ideally he or she can travel easily, once you buy a ticket, then off you go. But that’s not the case with me, I always have to prepare long before the departure date. That is not… Read More