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New country, new journey, and this time is about traveling around my new adopted country, UK. I write about my exploration in UK, finding and getting to know new places in the UK as if I am a tourist, regardless how long I shall live in the new place.

Brunel Quay

ISO 200 5.0sec at ƒ/18 focal 40mm, kamera Nikon 750 on 27 December 2020 Tinggal di tepi sungai tidak terlalu buruk sebenarnya… itu bisa terjadi apabila kerja sama antara sesama penghuni berkesinabungan, maksudnya adalah dari manusianya yang tinggal di lokasi tersebut, alamnya, perencanaan kelestarian alamnya… Read More

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Cycling to Pill

Having not being able to gallivant around the world (which I haven’t done for more than 2 years now), my interest now is more of traveling locally within UK. However, since early this year, even traveling within the UK was banned because of lockdown. So one has to be creative; to travel doesn’t mean you need to go abroad, …


ISO 200 15.0sec at ƒ/13 focal 24mm, taken by Nikon 750 on 27 October 2017 This picture taken in October 2017, at its home in Bristol Harbourside, UK. However since February 2019, this ship change it’s ownership, and it is now lives in France.

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Why Bristol?

“Kenapa Bristol?” – pertanyaan yang di lontarkan secara lugu oleh seorang teman lama yang kebetulan berkunjung ke UK. Pertanyaan yang seharusnya dipertanyakan sebelum saya pindah ke Bristol, empat tahun yang lalu, atau bahkan lebih lama dari itu. Pertanyaan yang harusnya sudah saya pertanyakan ketika kami… Read More

Morning Flight

 ISO 20 3.99mm f/1.8 1/1441sec taken by iPhone7 on 8 Aug. 2019   The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is here…. now!

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Brunel Quay in Bristol

One of the many beauty spots in Bristol is Brunel Quay. Originally it was called Gas Ferry North, a very un-attractive name. However, since there are several developments and restaurants open, the cooperation of the businesses around the area decided to change its name to… Read More