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Travel Notes on Visited country of Turkey

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Aladdin Oil Lamp

I think I should post something anyway, even though the topic is so behind than the current topic of Photo 101 assignments. My problems with photography files has not yet been resolved; I am so preoccupied with my digital filing system and I still have… Read More

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Photographing Istanbul with iPhone

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“I Love Istanbul…. “

That’s a cliche, every body who’s been to Istanbul says that , a friend of mine once said, “if you love New York, then you must love Istanbul too, it’s a great city…” Yes, this time I have to admit, that statement is true; it’s a combination between tradition and modernity, between the past and the present, between the old and new, between the west and the east. Istanbul has a lot to offer, including photographing it. Yes, this is my first visit to Istanbul (after so many years of living near by…. ).

As a photography enthusiast, I wouldn’t and I will not leave my DSLR camera at home, especially as my mission here is to photograph the city and as a test how to travel slowly on our own, without joining any tour group. It is different and harder, as I have to do my homework on where to go and which objects are worth photographing and yet I try to be different from the main images out there. But like a lot of people I knew that already, there are not many angles which have not been photographed, and for a first timer, I don’t know anything about the city. So I have to do a recce. The above is a slideshow of my recce in photographing Istanbul with my iPhone, before I come back to that same location, using my proper DSLR camera. As you all know, the key to taking a good photograph is you have to be at the location at the right time, the right moment and the right place. The problem with me, is timing is not too good, as this is the middle of summer and at the end of Ramadan.

I think I have to come back then….