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The Beast from the East?

When we moved to the UK in November 2015 after living in the Middle East for 10 years, my husband was a bit scared that we might suffer from the British Winter.  However, that year was maybe the mildest UK winter ever; the temperature was… Read More

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Late Autumn

In some areas of the Northern Hemisphere it is already snowing, but other places it is still very much Autumn. This is why I think I haven’t really missed the Autumn posting yet. I am not originally from a 4 season country and that is… Read More

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Is Winter Over?

  We arrived in the UK in the middle of winter, but yet, the Winter season felt like prolonged autumn, or just skipping winter and heading to Spring. It was so mild that even the plants and vegetation were confused.   I guess I was… Read More

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This year winter in the Europe was really unfriendly, especially for my friends and relatives who lives in the UK or going back to the UK.

Well so far I haven’t experience that sort of winter yet, or at least after I got married to a Brits a few years ago. Nevertheless, these are a collection of  forgotten pictures that I took during the mild winter season of Europe from many places I’ve visited.

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