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Late Autumn

In some areas of the Northern Hemisphere it is already snowing, but other places it is still very much Autumn. This is why I think I haven’t really missed the Autumn posting yet. I am not originally from a 4 season country and that is… Read More

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City Living

In my last post I wrote about my confusion on whether my husband and I should live in the city or in the countryside.   It is now almost a year that we have been back in the UK and living in the city.  As… Read More

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Is Winter Over?

  We arrived in the UK in the middle of winter, but yet, the Winter season felt like prolonged autumn, or just skipping winter and heading to Spring. It was so mild that even the plants and vegetation were confused.   I guess I was… Read More

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The Lion’s Fight

I wrote about a Pride of Lions a few years ago, as a blog post after my safari holiday in 2013 and a photo gallery about the Lions. We know that when we go on a photography safari, sometimes we are waiting and waiting for… Read More

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Well, here we are in December, the year is almost gone…., and what did I do for the whole year? I don’t think I have done much, let alone writing something special. I did manage to post something at least 3 times a month until… Read More