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My review about places that I stayed in whether its an apartment, a hotel, hostel or a B&B facilities.

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5 Star Traveller?

In a year and a bit we are going to retire and the plan is to be a permanent traveler, for a couple of years before we finally settle down. The question now is as a permanent traveler, what type of travel do we want.… Read More

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Dulang Hotel & Resor di Lembang

“Pulang Kampung” setahun sekali, idealnya dibuat acara khusus, apa lagi kali ini pulang kampung selama 2 minggu. Jadilah jauh-jauh hari saya merencanakan untuk berwisata lokalan, sekitar Jakarta…. atau puncak, tujuannya adalah mencari udara yang agak dingin tapi tidak terlalu jauh dari Jakarta. Setelah melalu perdebatan… Read More

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The Cemagi Residence

I wrote about visiting Bali and what to see last year, but I didnt write anything about my visit to Bali itself last year. The truth is, when visiting a new exciting place with young kids under 3, it is better to enjoy the hotel… Read More

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The Old Forge

I am always excited when we go to the UK for holiday. Yes, I have been there many times before and each time we go to different places and thus we experience something new each time.  One of the things I always get excited about… Read More

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St Andrews, Golfing Mecca

This was supposed to be our honeymoon, thus I don’t want to stay in a too shabby hotel, which is why I decided to pick a “middle of the road” price hotel. But I never knew ‘middle of the road’ comes with a lot of standard…