Hello, I am Nina, welcome to my blog,

my little place on the internet.

Originally I am from Indonesia, and used to work as an architect in a local design company in Jakarta. In 2005 I decided to add a little curve in my carrier by agreeing to work in ‘more international’ consulting company in the Middle East.  That’s where I started blogging, as a place to post photos and stories of my expatriate life as a single woman in Arabia,  so that my friends and family could follow what I experienced from afar.

The adventure that I like most as an expat is a better opportunity to see other countries and the world. Along the way, I found my travel partner,  and English bloke who is a well traveled person himself. It is because of this with the memory of these trips together that has transformed this blog from an Indonesian expat blog to a travel blog, and Nin’s Travelog was born.

eBlog and iBlog

Been blogging for more than 10 years now, I am still confused whether I should keep on blogging in  English or in Indonesian language.

Thus I design this blog in two languages,

What happen now?

Though I used to work as an expat in Bahrain and Qatar, I recently retired and moved to live in the UK, as a trailing spouse. Thus, from traveling around the Middle East, I am now travel locally, exploring a new country the UK, where my husband and I decided to retire and live permanently. This is why, my travel blog might gradually transform from a travel blog, to more of my diary, and my opinion as well as inspiration about living in the UK as an Indonesian and how I try to understand the lifestyle as well as the people (and not necessarily the English only).

What else?

ninslenscape-logoI store my best (according to me) on Nin’s Lenscape Photography, but you can also find me on Instagram for my mobile snap shot,  Flickr, and Facebook for collection of blog images or on 500px or National Geographic’s Your Shot. That’s my updated profile of this blog.

500px Flickr Facebook Instagram

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