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Every travel and trip leave a different memory and image in my mind, and these are my travel-notes where I try to remember, especially with their photographs

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Travel Photos

I was asked to upload my travel photos memory a view weeks ago; That made me wonder, what is travel photos? or what is Travel Photography? And what is my Travel Photos Memory?… Well, this is my interpretation, check it out!

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Egypt Early 2015

Temple of Edfou just before sunrise

Temple of Edfou just before sunrise

When we left the airport and drove crossed the city of Cairo towards our hotel, located in Giza and very close to the the Pyramids, there’s a bit of excitement about the city.  Normally, wherever I travel and arrive in a new city, I have that feeling – the excitement of being in a new place.  Egypt still retains its magic that lures people to keep on visiting it amid the chaotic political situation of the country.  Thus I try to be positive about Cairo, the capital and gateway to Egypt and the city which was built 1000 years ago.

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