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We go to Kenya mostly for their safari tourism, and I am no different. I visited Kenya to see the big 5 animals as well as to learn of what it takes to be a wildlife photographer. And these are my experience of joining the game safari in Kenya with a professional wildlife photographer as the tour guide.

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The Lion’s Fight

I wrote about a Pride of Lions a few years ago, as a blog post after my safari holiday in 2013 and a photo gallery about the Lions. We know that when we go on a photography safari, sometimes we are waiting and waiting for… Read More

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Mendarat di Nairobi

Pada saat saya membuat tulisan ini Kenya/Nairobi baru saja keluar dari kemelut dengan terorisme yang menyerang salah satu mallnya. Kurang dari dua bulan sebelum itu, Kenya mengalami musibah yang cukup memalukan, yaitu terbakarnya  bandara international Jomo Kenyatta, yang mengakibatkan lumpuhnya akses meuju Kenya. Kebakaran ini… Read More

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Pride of Lions in Pictures

The one that I love during my safari in Africa was watching a lion pride’s, their interaction with each other and maybe a fight between them if we are lucky…  as I capture above – click the (i) on the top left hand corner of the picture for more information.

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Pride of Lions

I am not an expert in animal behavior, and certainly not a lion behaviorist. However, I am interested in their behaviour especially as I was planning to go to Africa to do my research, to help me understand more about their behavior once we were… Read More