On Lock Down period

As much as I love traveling, visiting different countries, and working to tick all the items on my bucket list; I have to admit that since I moved to the UK, I didn’t do so much traveling abroad, instead, my husband and I try to… Read More

Why Bristol?

“Kenapa Bristol?” – pertanyaan yang di lontarkan secara lugu oleh seorang teman lama yang kebetulan berkunjung ke UK. Pertanyaan yang seharusnya dipertanyakan sebelum saya pindah ke Bristol, empat tahun yang lalu, atau bahkan lebih lama dari itu. Pertanyaan yang harusnya sudah saya pertanyakan ketika kami… Read More

Small Party for Indonesia

I was never a big social butterfly, and still not.  As a matter of fact, at parties normally I was the one who sat in a corner and observed. I don’t have any problem of not saying much or not having somebody to talk to.  … Read More