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Visited country of Indonesia

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Is Indonesia a Muslim Country?

After several plans for our future life after Qatar, of how we would travel around the world before settling down in our final destination; we ended up instead of traveling according to plan A or plan B, we finished up by travelling with plan “X”. So here… Read More

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Dulang Hotel & Resor di Lembang

“Pulang Kampung” setahun sekali, idealnya dibuat acara khusus, apa lagi kali ini pulang kampung selama 2 minggu. Jadilah jauh-jauh hari saya merencanakan untuk berwisata lokalan, sekitar Jakarta…. atau puncak, tujuannya adalah mencari udara yang agak dingin tapi tidak terlalu jauh dari Jakarta. Setelah melalu perdebatan… Read More

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Ngaben is a Balines style cremation ceremony. It is a ritual funeral ceremony for all common Balinese people after they die.  According to the Balinese, this ceremony is sacred and an important part of an individual as by cremating the dead (doing the Ngaben ceremony)… Read More

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The Cemagi Residence

I wrote about visiting Bali and what to see last year, but I didnt write anything about my visit to Bali itself last year. The truth is, when visiting a new exciting place with young kids under 3, it is better to enjoy the hotel… Read More