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English Country Living

The country side

The Country Side

That sounds like a UK magazine.

The magazine theme is just that, country living in England and UK, which has branched out as Country Living in Australia and USA.  The magazine tells you about anything and everything of country living, ideas, food and drinks – secret recipes etc., gardening, crafts and….. basically about what one can do in rural areas without the “culture” of living in the city.

The explained lifestyle of living in the country…. hobbies, one needs a hobby, especially for somebody like me, retired early with no children to look after.  I need a hobby, to keep my mind going and active. I think living in the country gives just that, a space to do my hobbies.


House sitting gave me the opportunity to experience all of the above.   And to test myself if I really liked it, to be “domesticated” in the country, and like hobbies doing crafty things as well as looking after the animals. And here we are house sitting for a family friend’s country cottage who went away for 3 weeks holiday and plus we are looking after the family cat: Matilda.

Matilda the Cat

Matilda the Cat

Unlike the above fancy magazine titles which show beautiful manicured cottages with country interior design, this house/cottage was itself just a normal ‘lived in’ cottage, which means with all its imperfection and dirt. However, the attraction is the life and activity around the cottage, which are:

  1. Walking through the country side…

 2. Exploring the area as shown off by Matilda

3. Getting to know the neighbours:

4. Getting very close to nature with the wildlife as the scenery

I have to admit that the animal attractions and the scenery are priceless, no wonder my husband said that “posh people” in the UK tend to live in the country even though they work in the city.

However, house sitting holidays do not last forever, only 3 weeks but it opened my eyes to how much I love the nature, living in the country side and watching all the wild life in action.

I guess we have to thank our hosts.

Last but not least, Bernie the Bat

Bernie the Bat, who is on hibernating mode

Bernie the Bat, who is in hibernating mode in the cellar.



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